The Sign of the Warrior

The Sign of the Warrior is a double-edged sword of both power, strength, and bravery, plus savagery, rage and fury. The children of the full moon are the foremost warriors, whether ravening berserkers or cunning generals.

Motivation: Those born under the Sign of the Warrior relish the opportunity to engage in combat with a challenging opponent. Once a day, when they have engaged in what the Storyteller agrees is a challenging fight, the character gains The Standard XP reward.

Dragon Rider Those Warriors born to the noble families are blessed by being paired with a dragon. They lead armies, and are known for their honor.
Officer Some born under the Warrior’s sign show signs of being more cunning and charming than their peers, and as such, are chosen to lead.
Solider Most born under the sign of the Warrior become Soldiers in armies, or are at least raised to be so.
Berserkers Those born under the Warrior’ sign, but were not taught, voluntarily or not, how to harness their need for violence, are called Beserkers. They are far more likely to give into their inner rage, and are generally undisciplined in proper weapon usage.

Rage An inner rage which can be tapped to gain combat prowess at the price of rational thought.
Swiftness You can move quicker, giving you the ability to move faster.
Broad Shoulders Your broad shoulders give you the ability to carry more weight.
Living Weapon Your body itself is a living weapon, as your unarmed attacks can deal more damage.
Feet of Heaven You are able to make long jumps, almost as if flying, and can survive longer falls.
Warrior’s Eye Those born under the Warrior’s Sign have the amazing ability to read those around them, and determine their strength’s and weaknesses.

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The Sign of the Warrior

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