Setting Details

Details about different sections of game world. Thinking of dividing it into simple terrains (obviously, they will have names later on, not be named for their terrains):





*Costal Cities/Oceans

*Something else? Canyons? Desert? Dark/blighted lands? Underdark? Don’t have another one?

Races: Each terrain area will have a race tied to it (with giants, humans, flores being everywhere)

Resources: Each terrain should have some obvious resources tied to it.

Classes: ??? Each terrain should have a class it produces more often than the others? I like it, don’t know how to tie it in. Figure out later.

Weapon: ??? Each terrain has a favored weapon/armor/combat style? Don’t know about this

Other: Anything else each one should have? Alignments? Ruler style?

Setting Details

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