The Guilds are professional organizations with closely guarded magical secrets who control the practice of their craft. They take members in at an early age, and some don’t earn accreditation until well after they graduate from the guild’s schools or their apprenticeships.

Guild members can be identified by the tattoo they receive upon their accreditation.

Some guilds could care less if someone operates independently, without their accreditation, while others have been known to become quite violent with those whom do not operate with the guild’s accreditation. Generally, the citizens of Caldonia will not use the services of someone without a guild’s accreditation, and some lands have laws against operating without a guild accreditation.

Adventurers Guild: exploration
Banking Guild: money, loans and safekeeping.
Blademarks Guild: Hirelings and mercenaries
Couriers Guild: postal service.
Defenders Guild: Protection
Dragon Knight Guild: training dragonriders
Entertainers: entertainment.
Fabricators Guild: construction and production
Finders Guild: finding.
Firemakers Guild: training pyromancers
Handlers Guild: breeding.
Healers Guild: health.
Hostelers Guild: bars and inns.
Necromancers Guild: creating undead
Notaries Guild: notary services.
Raincallers Guild: provides good weather for farmers.
Speakers Guild: diplomatic services and translation.
Tinkers Guild: repairs and maintenance
Transportation Guild: freight and henchmen
Warding Guild: security and protection.
Warning Guild: protection with prescience.
Windwrights Guild: transport over water or through the air.


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